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Iščitavanje nečijeg lica

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Priča s nesretnom Amandom Knox ukazuje na to koliko ne možemo iščitati nečiji karakter po izrazu lica. O tome piše Ian Leslie za Guardian.

In the days and weeks following the discovery of Meredith Kercher’s body, Italian police found no physical evidence linking Amanda Knox to the murder. But then, they didn’t need it: they could tell Knox was guilty just by looking at her. “We were able to establish guilt,” said Edgardo Giobbi, the lead investigator, “by closely observing the suspect’s psychological and behavioural reaction during the interrogation. We don’t need to rely on other kinds of investigation.”

It is astonishing how quick we are to draw conclusions about how a person ought to look or behave in circumstances we haven’t ourselves even come close to experiencing. How many of us have returned to our home after a night away to discover that our flatmate has been brutally murdered? How many of us can know what it feels like to be at the sharp end of a punishing interrogation, in a foreign country, carried out by men in uniform who seem absolutely convinced that they know what happened, who are as certain as we are confused, fearful and exhausted? None of us. And yet we feel free to blithely pronounce, from a great distance, on whether someone in this situation is “acting weird” or not.

Ian Leslie zaključuje da nema univerzalnog stila ponašanja nakon silovanja. Niti kod žrtve, niti kod silovatelja. Nevini ljudi sjede u zatvorima jer policijski istražitelji ‘znaju’ prepoznati krivnju. Innocence Project se bavi upravo takvim slučajevima. Međutim, ne koristi se intuicijom; koristi se DNK.